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Don’t Want to End Up in a Money Pit Situation in East Hampton, NY?

How to Avoid Home Improvement Company Scams in East Hampton, NY

Home Improvement Company

Every spring and summer, professional home improvement scammers start to roam the United States in search of unsuspecting victims. They will usually target people that live in areas which recently suffered major weather events and older adults, they offer deals on home repairs. Scams can range from low-quality roofing materials, painting houses using cheap paint, and overall not doing quality work in the time frame promised. Follow these easy tips to avoid being scammed.


Before you hire any company to perform home improvements on your house, you should always do lots of research. There are various online review sites which have been set up in the past few years which makes finding a reputable company so much easier. Researching past customer reviews will give you a better idea of what you are in for. Also, confirm a company has no history of complaints with the Better Business Bureau, which is an excellent source of information.

Get Everything in Writing

You should always demand a written contract which shows clearly and concisely what work is to be done, the price, materials to be used, and the time-frame involved. It should also show the warranty on products and workmanship. Make sure you always read the fine print and do not allow any work to be done until both parties involved has signed it. To emptying your pockets paying for never ending home repairs, do these things which savvy homeowner do each week.


Make sure you have an open and strong connection with your contractor before they start any work. They must understand exactly what your expectations are and these should also be shown in the contract. And, when the company is not living up to expectations and the contract, then you need to speak to them immediately to point this out. To find out more information on our home improvement company, do not hesitate to call V & V Home Improvement Corp in East Hampton, NY today at (631) 251-3032.

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